About Us

Penificent is a social enterprise that creates comic books and workshops that tackle difficult topics and social issues and has gained national attention and media coverage since its launch in 2017.

We want to connect with young people and allow them to realise their full potential in a fresh way. Using a diverse set of characters, our comic books explore a range of difficult topics such as mental health, knife crime, gang culture and much more. Comic books are a fantastic medium for education and for facilitating conversations, as the stories are able to creatively capture the voices of those most affected by such social issues.

Inspiration for our stories come from real-life scenarios that we’ve experienced growing up in London, but also from broader issues involving wars and famine. Integrating these comics into education, each book contains thought-provoking questions for individuals or classes/groups to discuss. Questions such as “What do you think you should do if someone was to tempt you to do something bad like this character was?” Or “What would you have done in this character’s shoes and why?”

Our workshops and comics provide a positive influence and tackle social issues young people face every single day. So do you want to join the ride, and support us on our journey?Alongside our socially impactful comic workshops and bespoke comics that could be tailored to any group category, we are an entertainment publishing digital outlet that aims to serve using many diverse characters and stories.