Penificent’s workshops are entirely bespoke and can be tailored to suit primary or secondary school ages.

They can range from short sessions, a one-day masterclass, or in-depth courses. Above all, we aim to help to educate and change young people’s attitudes towards difficult topics and aim to strengthen peer values.

While our workshops use our comic books as a primary resource, workshops can be linked into curriculum topics and learning outcomes, to ensure a valuable experience.

Contact us if you’d like to bring our workshops or comics to your school or organisation!


We offer Mental Health and Knife Crime workshops for up to 30 participants, using our bespoke comics as the primary tool to facilitate our classes. Young people work within a group tackling the social issues in our bespoke comics and individually completing various creative and social related fun work activities. Our Mental Health comic offers a two-hour session where young people can explore a different mental health comic story. 

Lastly, all young people receive our bespoke comics and can continue working on tasks at home and enjoying their brand new comic.



Our All-day workshop offers five 1hour sessions where you can select topics, including Knife Crime, Honesty, Mental Health, Social Media, and Consequences of one’s action.  Penificent will deliver multiple workshops to a whole year group. (5 form classes)

Our workshops are therapeutic; we offer a Creativity therapy Workshop, where our facilitators will run 1 hour sessions for six weeks. Subjects Covered are Honesty, Forgiveness, Knife-Crime, Mental Health, Social Media, Comic Creation. The premium version of the Creativity therapy Workshop will allow young people to plan their comic, which we will create for them and publish copies for the participants.

Penificent Workshops have worked in schools across the UK since 2019. Some of the organisations we have done workshops for, or have been funded by include:

Current Workshops