Mental health & Wellbeing Tips

Here are some tips to help you deal with Lockdown

Keep physically active: Make sure you keep your body active by dancing, doing exercise videos, running in the garden or going for walks. This will keep you feeling positive during this time and is really important for your health.

Stay creative: If you love drawing or writing, use this time to create some original work and develop your talent, you never know where this talent can take you in the future.

Keep your mind active: complete challenging puzzles whether it be on an app or a crossword or sudoku book.

Document each day: Create a Lockdown diary- this is a unique event happening in our lifetime and in the future, people would love to hear about what it was like day to day living through the covid pandemic. This gives you an opportunity to tell your unique story.

Work on a talent: Did you ever want to learn to sing, to write poetry or to improve your handwriting? There is a world of information on the Internet that can help you to become an expert at anything! Use it to your advantage.

Dream boarding: Have you ever thought about what you want to do in the future? Do you want a particular career? Do you want to be a business owner? Create a board full of all of your visions for the future using pictures, drawings or words to help you focus on your ambitions.

Spend quality time with family: We can all get so busy during the week but during this time we have an opportunity to spend some quality time with the people we live with, to get to know them better and to have fun together. Set up a family games night where you can all have fun together.

Read or watch videos to learn something new: We all have our favourite shows to watch on TV or online but if you set aside an hour a day to watch or read something that you don't usually, you will begin to develop new interests and find different forms of entertainment.

Create a timetable: Make sure that you stay in a routine by setting times that you do different activities throughout the day.

Set time aside for mindfulness: Whether you practise yoga or put on some calm music and sit quietly, it is important to set time aside to be calm and peaceful by yourself. This is almost like a reset button so any worries you might have can be erased and allow for positivity to take over.