State of Mind #2 – Fear births Courage


A damaging video of Deanii surfaces online which has huge consequences for all of humanity.

Forced underground by vengeful robots, Deanii finds his mental health deteriorating by the day.

With war brewing between man and machine can Deanii escape in time or will the robots get their revenge?


Writer: Steven Okeya & Anthony Aina

Artist: René Jose Leon Sanchez

Age Rating: 11+

Page Count: 19

This book contains 4 fun task pages


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After struggling with poor grades and being victimized by his peers, Deanii finds it difficult to maintain his mental health. When the class bully T.J. befriends him, he turns Deanii into an emotionless individual, taking advantage of his vulnerable state. Things take a turn for the worse when a local gang war gets out of hand, resulting in Deanii losing his best friend and facing the consequences of his actions. Seeking to impress an established gang lord named OG, Deanii makes a costly mistake that lands him in trouble.

The situation worsens when a video of Deanii in a mental rage, attacking robots, surfaces on social media. This prompts the robots to put a bounty on his head, causing the freedom fighters to burst into action. The machines’ aggression forces humans into a lockdown curfew, with the freedom fighters’ top priority being to protect Deanii’s family. With machines blocking all exit routes out of London, close calls with Deanii and robots cause him to exhibit more mental health symptoms.

Enter Zeo, the main hero from the Peace of War universe, making his first appearance in the State of Mind series. Zeo joins forces with the freedom fighters to help Deanii and his family escape London and survive the machines’ bounty on his head.

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