State of Mind #2 – Fear births Courage


Writer: Steven Okeya & Anthony Aina

Artist: René Jose Leon Sanchez

Age Rating: 11+

Page Count: 19

After being Mentally drained due to poor grades at school, and people victimising him. Deanii struggles to keep a healthy state of mind,  the class bull Tj looks to capitalise on Deanii’s situation,  befriending him and turning him into an emotionless individual. A war between two local gangs gets out of hand, which results in Deanii losing his best friend and having to face the consequences of his actions. Manipulated by an established gang lord named OG,  Deanii makes a costly mistake to impress him.

The Story continues when Deanii is seen in a mental rage, assaulting the robots while the OJ records. This video starts to surface all over the social network, which alarms the freedom fighters who also have seen this trendy video. The video Prompted Robots to put a bounty on Deaniis head; the freedom fighters nightmare becomes a reality as Robots target them and humans are forced to a lockdown curfew. The Freedom fighter’s priority is to track down and keep Deanii`s  family safe.  Everything seemed gloomy as Machines are blocking any exit route out of London. Close calls with Deanii and robots cause him to show more Mental health symptoms.

The main hero from the peace of war universe, Zeo, a Luxian, makes his first experience appearing in the State of Mind series.   Zeo joins the fight with the freedom fighters; Deanii and his family escape London and survive Machines’ bounty on Deanii heads.


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