State of mind #3


Writer: Steven Okeya & Anthony Aina

Artist: René Jose Leon Sanchez

Age Rating: 11+

Page Count: 34

Topic: Mental Health

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Embark on Deanii’s Emotional Journey: State of Mind #3 – The Final Call

Join Deanii as he navigates the complexities of masculinity, parental expectations, and loneliness in State of Mind #3: The Final Call. In this compelling installment, Deanii grapples with the profound impact of societal pressures on mental health, particularly for men.

As he embarks on his quest for sanctuary in Africa, Deanii confronts the demons of his past, including the weight of parental expectations and the isolating grip of loneliness. Through Deanii’s poignant experiences, delve into themes of identity, vulnerability, and the search for belonging.

With each page, State of Mind #3 – The Final Call offers a gripping exploration of the human psyche, shedding light on the silent struggles faced by many. Prepare to be moved as Deanii’s journey unfolds, revealing the profound resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Don’t miss out on this poignant and thought-provoking addition to the State of Mind trilogy.