The Peace of War: A Dream to Live (Elite Edition) Issue #1


In Promise City, life is sweet for the elite. Wealthy machines rule over man with an iron fist.

Zack, a young robot with a hateful heart, is torn from the city when a spell transforms him into a human.

Quickly he learns that views are very different from the bottom looking up.


Writer: Steven Okeya & Anthony Aina

Artist: René Jose Leon Sanchez  

Age Rating: 8+ 

Page Count: 22 Pages

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Issue #1 follows a young hateful Robot named Zack from Promise city, the mightiest city in the world where the most elite robots of society reside. He is forcefully turned into a human by a great sage, in order to experience life on the other side. He wakes up in a slave camp and makes friends with a group of young human freedom fighters whose aim is to fight for equality between humans and machines. Zack must come to terms with his new found humanity and learn how to survive in a world he helped create. Zack bonds with one of the group’s leaders named Rexgo and get’s drawn into their rough lifestyle, the art of “stealing to survive”.

This comic series is aimed to be a tool used to inject positivity into the lives of young people aged 8-18. Using comics based in a fictional sci-fi type universe we will promote positive messages. While creatively addressing issues faced by adults and young people alike, such as gang culture, racism etc.