State of Mind #1 – Deanii’s Descent


Tired of not getting any respect from his peers, Deanii decides to earn it when TJ, the class bully, befriends him.

Pulled into a gang war that ends in tragedy, Deanii is sent spiralling down a deep hole.

He soon learns that the battle raging inside his mind is just as important as the one going on with his foes.


Writer: Steven Okeya & Anthony Aina

Artist: René Jose Leon Sanchez

Age Rating: 11+

Page Count: 32


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Introducing “State of Mind,” the first comic book in a three-part series that tackles the sensitive issue of mental health in young people. Sponsored by Southwark Council, this comic book is an engaging tool to facilitate conversations about mental health issues among parents and schools.

In this gripping story, we follow the journey of Deanii, a high school student struggling with poor grades and victimization from his peers. As he battles to keep a healthy state of mind, the class bully, Tj, sees an opportunity to capitalize on his situation. Tj befriends Deanii and slowly turns him into an emotionless individual.

The story takes a dramatic turn when a war between two local gangs gets out of hand, and Deanii loses his best friend. He must face the consequences of his actions and deal with the weight of his choices. Manipulated by an established gang lord named OG, Deanii makes a costly mistake to impress him.

Through the challenges that Deanii faces, “State of Mind” explores the complexities of mental health issues in young people. This comic book contains questions and tasks that are perfect for parents and schools to facilitate discussions about mental health issues.

“State of Mind” is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that young people face and the importance of mental health awareness. This comic book is an engaging and thought-provoking tool that will spark conversations and help break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

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