Standing Together: How We Can Prevent Bullying

Despite our multi-diverse societies, a sad fact remains that bullying continues to affect millions around the world. 

While many of us celebrate our differences, others use them as an excuse to make somebody else’s life miserable.

There are countless reasons why people bully others.

Usually, it has more to do with how the tormentors feel about themselves than anything related to their victims.

That doesn’t mean that it is not a hugely distressing period for anyone who has suffered from bullying.

The damage is often long-term and impacts self-esteem and confidence.

Here, we highlight actions that we can take to help combat bullying. 

Define Bullying

Bullying is defined as an action of making threats, attacking somebody both physically and verbally or excluding someone from a group.

Often, these are repeated behaviours over a prolonged period.

Raise Awareness 

Helping raise awareness is the first step to educating others.

There are many charities in the UK dedicated to tackling bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance and Bullies Out are two of the leading forces that organise events throughout the year, which you can support.

Furthermore, we must discuss these issues with our local schools and communities. 

Inviting adults and children to attend regular meetings will help highlight the problem and provide the courage to speak up.

Embrace Positive Culture

Here at Penificent, we love everything that makes us unique. 

That is what makes humanity so interesting.

We also have so much more in common than we think. 

Promoting an environment of inclusivity and positivity is vital if you want to eradicate hate.

Allowing others to share and learn about other cultures, interests, and hobbies will go a long way towards creating a space where everybody feels welcome.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Unfortunately, as hard as we try, there may still be bullying incidents. 

Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy sets a clear precedent about the standards expected, and anybody exhibiting hateful behaviour should face consequences.

Punishment is not the only solution, however.

The main aim should be communicating with the individual to understand their reasons for lashing out.

Show Support 

You don’t have to be a superhero to save somebody.

Remember what Batman said to Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight?

Sometimes our smallest acts of kindness are the ones remembered most fondly.

If you see someone targeted by a bully, standing up for them or offering a hand of friendship can quickly deter the attacker.

Once they no longer have control of the situation, the power shifts.

Speak Up

If you or somebody close to you has been a victim of bullying, please speak to someone. 

You may not want to have that conversation with a friend or family member.

If so, there is the option of the National Bullying Helpline, which you can reach on 0300 323 0169.

They have a dedicated team on hand to give you advice and support. 

United We Stand

Penficent aims to lead the fight against social injustice by educating, discussing and taking action.

We want to see flourishing communities based on hard work and treating others with kindness.

With the right tools, we can build a world that stands together!

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